adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 v2 "Cream White"

Kanye wants to make his promise true: anyone who wants to have a Yeezy should also be able to buy one. With the re-release of „cream white“ Yeezys, he definitely does something for it. The numbers were very high and most of those wanted one, have also gone with a W from this release. Even if the sneaker luck was not on your side, this sneaker can be purchased for the retail price.


The Yeezy „cream white“ comes in a clean white colorway. The Laces are, as with the other Yeezys, in the Rope form in an „All White Look“. The stripe on the outside is hard to recognize in this colorway, but understandable in an „all white“ sneaker. Therefore, the well-known label „SPLY-350“ is also only slightly visible. The sole is composed as in the zebra by two differently colored parts. Insole is simply white with the typical Adidas lettering. Below the sole are two free surfaces where the boost technology is recognizable.

Like all other Adidas shoes with the Boost sole, this Yeezy is a blessing for the foot – of course, of comfort. I just love to do my laps in these shoes. Just the classic All White look in combination with a Yeezy, was an absolute buy reason for me. Sneakers in all white are my favorites, even if they need special care. The only criticism, apart from the price, in my opinion is that the different colors on the sole should not have been. The yellowish discoloration seems like the shoe has been standing in a corner for some time and has been waiting to be worn. Nonetheless, a really good shoe that you can not go wrong with just in summer.

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