Nike Air Jordan 3 "Free Throw Line"

This sneaker is history. Let’s go back to the year 1988, where Michael Jordan participated in a slam dunk competition. He then sprinted from the opposite side of the court and jumped off with his left foot. The jury rated this with a perfect 50 points and Jordan secured his victory. On feet – of course the Air Jordan 3!


The Air Jordan 3 comes in a beautiful white look with various color accents. One is the gray / black elephant print on the front and back of the shoe and the red jumpman on the tongue. On the back of the sneaker is the Nike Air logo, which many sneaker lovers had long wanted for the 3er Jordan. The special thing about this shoe: the sole. This is, unlike the original gray, held in a icy-blue color, so you can see on the left shoe, the red line where Jordan has occurred then.

This shoe is a piece of history, but has also taken some criticism. The „icy“ sole did not please everyone, because they changed too much of the original. I find the idea of Nike very strong and have nothing to do with the sole. But on the contrary. I am always open to new colorways and I think that the red line gives the shoe something special. The shoe fits true to size, maybe you could go halfway up. If you wear this it is not like in an Air Max, but you have a firm footing and fresh looking kicks. What we all want!

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