Air Jordan 4 RM Releases Soon

Leaked images of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 4 RM have recently surfaced, causing a stir among sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. The "RM" in the name stands for "Remastered," indicating a refreshed and modern take on the classic Jordan 4 silhouette. What's particularly intriguing is that this edition is a "Low Top" version, providing a fresh perspective on the iconic design.

The leaked images showcase a stylish combination of a black base with light bone overlays, creating a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. The Air Jordan 4 RM retains the recognizable elements of the original silhouette while introducing subtle yet impactful changes, making it a must-have for sneaker aficionados and collectors alike.

One notable aspect that has generated buzz is the pricing strategy for the Air Jordan 4 RM. Priced at $150, it is notably more affordable compared to the standard Jordan 4 models. This move by Jordan Brand aims to make the Remastered edition accessible to a broader audience without compromising on quality and style.

Sneaker enthusiasts can mark their calendars as the Air Jordan 4 RM is expected to hit the shelves this fall. With the leaked images circulating online, anticipation and excitement are reaching new heights as fans eagerly await the official release date confirmation.

The leaked images of the Air Jordan 4 RM have given fans a sneak peek into the future of the iconic Jordan 4 line. The combination of remastered design, low-top silhouette, and an attractive price point make this sneaker a compelling addition to any collection. As the release date approaches, the sneaker community eagerly awaits the chance to own a piece of sneaker history with the Air Jordan 4 RM.

Air Jordan 4 RM Release Date

The Air Jordan 4 RM is rumored to release this Fall at Nike and selected retailers. You will find every raffle and store in the associated raffle guideas soon as the first raffle has started.

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Take a look on mockup images via @eldenmonitors below:

Air Jordan 4 RM


Product Infos

Air Jordan 4 RM
Style Code: FQ7939-001
Color: Black/Light Bone-Dark Grey
Price: 150€ / 140£ / 150$